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The department has complete Urological laboratories and teaching facilities. There are models of the human genitourinary organs for student practice in the ward. The department is equipped with an oncology laboratory, a stone analysis laboratory, an urodynamic study room, an ultrasonography examination room, a sexual function study room, an endoscopic examination room, extra-corporal shock wave treatment room. The operation rooms are equipped with endoscopic monitor and video system for educational purpose, Holium YAG laser system for the treatment of urinary tract tumors, laser and ultrasonic lithotriptors for the treatment of urinary stones. Green light Laser system is used for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Robotic Davinci System is used for prostatic cancer, renal cancer and urological cancer surgery.


The research laboratory is equipped with standard light microscopes, diffraction microscope, inverted microscope, aseptic working bench and a minus -50 degree C freezer. Newly added infertility tests and sperm cryo-preservation techniques have opened up research and treatment for male infertility. Other equipment includes electric stimulator and polygraphs.


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